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Spanish Civil War, Barcelona,

We have helped found and fund a collaborative five-university network (Harvard, Yale, NYU, Columbia, and Princeton) that is helping set the agenda for PhD students studying historical topics in a data-intensive fashion. In 2014 we created an annual conference (polhistorynetwork.org) for PhD students in comparative politics who study politics historically to present their work. We have held two PhD student conferences and third one is planned for 2016 open to any PhD students from our institutions. We have 22 alumni, several of whom have already gone on to top academic positions as assistant professors around the United States. The first meeting was held at Yale University in 2014, Harvard hosted and funded the second meeting in 2015. The 2016 meeting will be held at Princeton University and the 2017 meeting is scheduled to be held at NYU. We accept approximately 12-13 students each year. The number of applicants has grown each year as data-intensive historical social science has also grown.